Q: How many zombies has Mike killed? 

A: I've lost count.  More zombies than popcorn eaten, so that's a whole bunch.


Q: Do the rear-view mirror novelty signs give super human abilities? 

A: It has been suggested that this is the case.  Some have reported walking on air.  Also, some have reported such a great sense of pride welling up inside them that they felt as if they could move a car with a blast of their nostrils.


Q: Can I drive with my rear-view mirror novelty sign hanging from the rear-view mirror?

A: Yes, you just can't hang it from a suction cup on your windshield or a chunk of wood thrown thru your windshield.


Q: Is the rear-view mirror novelty edible?

A: Definition of "Edible": ed·i·ble (adjective) - fit to be eaten as food; eatable; esculent. I would say no, although it makes a handy makeshift scoop for potato salad.


Q: Can I hang more than one rear-view mirror novelty from my rear-view mirror simultaneously?

A: Yes, absolutely!  As a matter of fact it is highly suggested. When the mood strikes you or your objective shifts you can quickly and easily switch from your "Gun Owner" to your "Angler" or even to your "Couch Potato".


Q: Will you be making a video in the future showing how to install the rear-view mirror novelty step by step?

A: Um.....uh.....sure. Watch the video.


Q: What is an aphorism?

A: An Aphorism is a pithy observation that contains a general truth, such as, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Q: Is it true that Chris Pratt has a standing order for 10 "Gun Owners" and "Zombie Killers" every month?

A: All we are willing to say at this point is that we understand that this is a rumor that is flying around. We are, at present, not prepared to confirm or deny this.