Carry Our Products

GoofyThat, LLC has provided our unique twist on novel products for more than 15 years. It's a well known fact that when you sell stuff you can make money. If people like the stuff you sell then its a win-win-win and you'll order more of our stuff.

We want to partner with you to give drivers more personality choices, especially when it comes to covering up the smell in their car with our Goofy Fresh Vanilla, Tropical, and New Car air fresheners. Are you a tree or vent stick? OR are you Goin Fishin', a Princess or Gun Owner?

Our Goofy Fresh Car Air Fresheners and our Rear-View Mirror Novelty Signs can be displayed with a 32 peg floor stand spinner, an 8 peg counter-top spinner, a single face POS display or on any peg system.

Simply complete the Wholesale Application below and we'll set up your account for wholesale pricing.